Chefs Apprenticeship: Countdown to Start Date

I’m super excited to be starting my apprenticeship at Crown Melbourne in only three days! 

On Friday I will attend a pre-induction and then from Monday through Wednesday the actual induction will be held. During that time we are measured for our uniforms, given thorough general training and allocated our given ‘outlet’ for the next six months.

I have no idea which outlet I’ll be allocated. If you’ve been here before, you’ll know I’m crazy about all kinds of food. Crown has an insane range of restaurants with premium offerings like Nobu and Rockpool, casual dining like Emporio Pizza and Pasta, as well as two food courts. There is also room service to its three hotels as well as private dining options.

Naturally I’m dying to be placed in Nobu or somewhere else fancy but as a first year apprentice perhaps they’ll ease us in slowly with six months in casual dining first. Who knows what’s to come! I’ll be happy wherever I end up.

I can’t wait to share all the things I learn as an apprentice. Join me on my apprenticeship journey by clicking the follow button below.



Foodie Goals and Dreams

What is all of this hard work for? In life I’ve always tended to be a big dreamer and a bit of fuck up. Starting awesome things and not finishing them is something I’ve been infamous for. Take, for example, that time I completed three semesters of a bachelor of Biomedical Science degree with high distinction and then dropped out. As a measure to combat this tendency, this blog is a way to keep me on track to completing this apprenticeship, because it is something to which I am truly dedicated.

So what are my goals?

I want to get my Certificate III in Commercial Cookery with at least some of that as an apprentice with Crown. (Update: I have been accepted as a first year apprentice at Crown!). This certificate means so much to me for a few reasons. First, because I haven’t got any formal education past my GED. Second, the formal recognition and training is a great way to get started in the business, and where better to learn in Melbourne than Crown?

I want to work overseas, maybe in Paris and Italy, at top restaurants. Young cooks often get involved in Staging – a French word for heading to a foreign country and finding the best chef you can, begging him to take you on and then working like crazy for free for a given time. I have such a romantic picture of this. I picture myself like Remy from Ratatouille (but less like a rat), making bubbling, herb filled, creamy soups in a French kitchen. More likely it’ll be six months of potato peeling. Most chefs will agree that you have to find the value in the mundane and shitty tasks first, and then you can move on to the fancy and the fun, with a solid understanding and respect for your ingredients.

I want to open my own restaurant in the country side, where sustainable farming meets high end cuisine. Now maybe this one is the most fanciful of all, but hear me out. I have a desperate love for gardening, especially veggie gardening. I hope to one day I combine my love of cooking food with my love of growing food. I have dreams of an old farm-estate in the South-West of Australia amongst the vineyards and close to the beaches. I would love to grow sustainable, organic produce and work with local suppliers to create an incredible food experience for people.

Pretty big goals. But thats the point right? Looking at the bigger picture, what we want in the long run, can help us get there faster in the end.

Wish me luck!