5 Movies To Watch if You’re Obsessed With Food


I love this gorgeous Disney tale of a rat who loves to cook. It is a charming movie that features valuable lessons about cooking in a professional restaurant. The art of a French Brigade style kitchen is beautifully illustrated. This stunning movie teaches us that “anyone can cook”. An encouraging message after a set back or loss in the kitchen. And that night-time Paris scene, oh my!


Julie and Julia

A story of two women from different era’s and their shared obsession with cooking. In this movie based on a hit novel, Julie attempts to cook her way through Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking. The challenge, to cook 524 recipes in 365 days. This movie will inspire you to jump into the kitchen and start cooking the best way – the French way.


Jiro Dreams of Sushi

A magical documentary that is full of the wisdom and passion of Japan’s master of sushi Jiro Ono. Jiro teaches us about dedication to an art, dedication to the highest quality ingredients and dedication to a lifelong study of your craft.

Jiro also gives us an excuse to spend our pay checks on fine dining and beautiful food, saying “in order to make delicious food you must eat delicious food”. Jiro shows us what hard work, passion and talent can lead to.


Haute Cuisine

A very French film, Haute Cuisine gives as a peep into the kitchen of the former President of France, President Francois Mitterand. The value of this film is the food. Watch the cooking scenes and fall in love with French Cuisine.  The film itself is a little odd, like many French films but trust me this film will make you hungry! It will also teach you about the tough world of French brigade-style cooking, this is our heritage as cooks. Appreciating where the modern kitchen has come from can only serve to elevate our own food.


Food, Inc.

This documentary makes us consider where our food comes from and asks us to question the ethics surrounding food production and consumption. Food Inc. is important because chefs and food lovers need to ponder the ethics of their food practices and, if any practice is found to be questionable, take action to change it. This can be difficult for an apprentice chef as it is unwise and disrespectful to question the way a Head Chef runs their kitchen. But you can start by paying attention – where is waste going? Where is the food coming from? Is it sustainable? What would you do differently? Take note of these things. One day, if you work hard enough, you will have the opportunity to do things a little differently. In the mean time you can make a difference with small steps like saving all your scraps to make stock. Food, Inc. highlights the important responsibility chefs have to serve ethical food to their customers.

food inc.jpg

What food movies are you obsessed with?