Respecting Your Ingredients

Baby Carrots. In season. Chop tops off. Leave a few centimeters of stalk. Wash carrots in cold water. Gently peel. Place in a bowl of ice water.

Using beautiful ingredients in a respectful manner is the key to creating good food. You need to be thoughtful. Say you find beautiful baby carrots at the markets and you know you have to cook with them. How do you decide on a recipe or method of cooking them? Do you roast them, boil them, steam them? Do you drench them in sauce or do you leave them bare? Do you chop them up and chuck them in a soup? What do you do with the scraps? Save them? Use them for stock? What is the right way to cook these carrots?

Being thoughtful, you might decide to roast them, drizzled in honey and sprinkled with sesame seeds and serve them as a side. You might compost the scraps or save the peels for a veggie stock. You might blanch them or steam them. You might serve them on a bed of mashed potato with a side of gravy. With thought and care you can serve incredible, simple ingredients easily.